Why Financial Wings?

There are so many aspects to consider when contemplating a divorce – legal issues, parenting concerns as well as the financial and tax implications of dividing a household.

It is important to know you are not alone. There is a place you turn for unbiased expert guidance and support.

Financial Wings was founded to bring knowledge, clarity and financial substance to the divorce process. We do this by addressing the financial issues surrounding divorce. And by empowering clients with the knowledge needed to make sound, informed financial decisions.

Regardless the size or complexity of your case or whether your divorce will be litigated, mediated or collaborative, Financial Wings is here to help you avoid costly financial mistakes.


Our Approach

Financial decisions made during divorce have the potential to effect you well into the future.  That’s why at Financial Wings, we go beyond cursory lifestyle analysis to provide clients with the substantive knowledge they need to make critical financial decisions.

We do this in two ways. First by taking the time to educate each client in the divorce process and its attendant financial/tax implications. Then by leveraging our years of experience in all areas of divorce – as well as our thorough understanding of complex issues such as estate tax laws, pensions and corporate compensation – to deliver an exceptional level of detail to every case.

This disciplined, hands-on approach combined with our singular focus on divorce financial planning – unlike firms that also offer wealth management services – allows us to present the informed, unbiased scenarios others might overlook.

The result is informed and empowered clients who are:

  • Better able to respond to their attorneys
  • Better prepared to negotiate in collaborative and mediated divorce processes

In short, better able to move forward, confident and secure in their financial decisions.


Who We Are

Karly Mitchell Founder & President

Karly Mitchell
Founder & President

As one of the first dedicated financial divorce planners in New England, Karly has been long recognized for both her depth of knowledge and highly disciplined, get-right-to-work approach. Clients and attorneys alike have benefited from her years of experience in all areas of divorce – including litigation, mediation and collaboration – as well as her ahead of the curve understanding of complex financial issues such as pensions, stock grants and corporate compensation. All of which allows her to deliver an exceptional level of detail and understanding to even the most challenging cases.

In addition to the vital role she plays in litigated divorces, Karly has acted as a neutral on numerous mediated divorces. She is also trained in the collaborative divorce process and has earned high marks for helping divorcing parties using this method reach successful outcomes.

Karly is a member of the Financial Divorce Association and the Fairfield County Bar Association. In addition, as an early adopter and proponent of mediation and the collaborative divorce processes, Karly is also an active member and (past Treasurer) of the Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce (CCND).

A sought-after speaker, Karly has appeared in numerous public forums as well as a featured speaker at the CCND Annual State Conference and the International Conference for Divorce Financial Specialists. In addition she conducts divorce workshops and is a frequent speaker to women’s groups throughout the area.

Karly earned her B.S. in Management from Syracuse University and her M.B.A. from Hofstra. She lives in Fairfield with her family.