"...I am in charge of every aspect of my life and it feels good...Thanks again for everything. Every dollar I spent for your advice was the best money I spent in the entire process"

-divorce client



"Karly, you’ve been a great help and comfort.  Thank you for being so clear and calm, and so very good at what you do, and so kind to us.  You have helped us through a difficult time.  I am deeply grateful."

- divorce client


"Thank you so much for everything. Quite simply, it wouldn't have been possible without you."

- divorce mediation client


"Thanking you is not enough.  Your patience and understanding have made this process

so much easier on the soul..."

- divorce mediation client

        "Thanks for your professional guidance and for your caring spirit, both are deeply

appreciated... You are terrific and I feel very fortunate to have connected with you."

- divorce client



"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and abilities to analyze a situation and

explain its various dimensions... It was a great relief to me to begin to see ways forward

on my financial front..."

- post-divorce client



You had a away of being realistic with a dash of hope. I truly believe that mediation is the way to navigate this painful process successfully."

-divorce mediation client



"I just wanted to thank you for your services during our mediation. You were tough

when you needed to be and kind when I needed it most.  This has been a very

difficult road for me and I am so glad that you were there to lead us."

- divorce mediation client