For Attorneys

At Financial Wings we use our expertise make sure your clients are ready to work with you from the first meeting on. In addition to gathering and summarizing the financial issues, we sit down and educate clients as to their implications. Our expertise in complex areas such as stock grants, teacher pensions and corporate compensation allows us to suggest scenarios that others might overlook.

Services include:

  • Development of Financial Affidavits
  • Assisting clients to complete Discovery
  • Educating client to the financial and tax implications of their case
  • Preparation of Financial Reports
  • Forensic Lifestyle Analysis
  • Documentation of flow of funds thru accounts and out of marriage
  • Scrutiny of corporate benefits, deferred compensation and pension plans
  • Calculation for support and lump sum settlements
  • Providing both you and your clients with a sounding board to answer all financial and tax “what if’s”